Augustin Lerou


Biographical Information

Also Known As:  Monkey, Rat, The Algerian Boy, Lerou, Ali Baba,

Born: February 21, 1913; Algiers Algeria

Gender: Male

Occupation: mechanic, pickpocket, robber


  • Guillaume Lerou (father)
  • Emilie Hussain (mother)
  • Margot Hussain (grandmother)
  • Maude Lerou Dupres (aunt)
  • Gerard Dupres (uncle)
  • Leon Dupres (cousin)
  • Eulalie Friquet (neighbor and friend)
  • Anton-le-Basque (friend)
  • Jules Martin (friend)
  • Marianne d’Aubrey (lover)

First Appearance: Retribution

Appearance and Personality:

Augustin is described as being tall and wiry with a lithe frame and lean muscles. He has a strong, square face with large green eyes and a crooked smile. His hair is dark and worn short and slicked back but always springs back into it’s natural curl and his skin is neither dark nor fair. Augustin is part Arabian and would be somewhat middle eastern looking; he is considered very handsome.

Augustin is very charming and likeable with a knack for mischief and trouble and a wild, restless nature. He is well meaning but is impulsive, which leads him to make bad decisions; he does not think his choices through which often has bad consequences. Augustin has close attachments to his Aunt Maude, his cousin Lèon, and his love, Marianne and feels bad because of the effects of his actions have on them. He is genuinely good but his free-spirited nature often tempts him over to the dark side.

Biographical Information

Augustin was born in Algiers to Guillaume Lerou, a french soldier, and Émilie Hussain, an Algerian native of Arabian descent. His mother and grandmother died from a fever when he was five and his father brought him back to France to live with his sister Maude while he was off fighting in World War One. Augustin grew up with his slightly younger cousin Léon and they are very close friends. Aunt Maude is very fond of him and he thinks of her as a mother. But due to his status as a foreigner, a half-caste, and a bastard, people tend to look down on him. He has had a troubled adolescence and often got in trouble with the law.

At twenty, he sometimes works as a mechanic in a garage and other times picks pockets to get by.



1) c'est une histoire qui a pend lieu

3) two worlds, one family4) I will protect you from all around you

6) only a kid, but hard to scare

9) come on something, don't be shy, meet a guy

10) they're quick, but I'm much faster

11) but like you said, we've met before

13) say it soft, and its almost like praying

15) I haven't yet learned how to joke that way

18) but all my days were twice as fair, if I could share my days with you

19) riff raff, street rat, I don't buy that

21) I'm gonna hold you forever, the wind will never change on us

23) freedom takes green

24) we find you perfectly innocent, which is the worst crime of all

28) you see the things they never see

31) I won't get to heaven, why not raise a little hell

34) and we can have forever, and we can love forever

35) lover tell me when we're wed, who's gonna make the wedding bed