Catharine d’Aubrey Thomas Mathieu


Biographical Information

Also Known As: Madame Thomas,  Madame Mathieu, The Viceroy

Born: 1886; Contaille-sur-Seine, France

Gender: female

Occupation: socialite


First Appearance: Chateau Aubrey

Appearance and Personality:

Catharine was a great beauty in her youth, with white skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. She was beautiful in a dark, cold way. Later in life, she is still very beautiful but her features have become somewhat severe looking.

She grew up as the favored child of a privileged family. Her personality was cold and haughty and she enjoyed putting those she saw as inferior in their places, specifically her younger sister Madeleine. She did not get on with her brother in law James because he mocked her snobbery and stood up for Madeleine. Catharine has a stubborn streak and refuses to admit when she is wrong which has caused her to alienate people in her life. Memories of her cruelty to her sister Madeleine and her distance from her children haunt her and make her feel lonely and has broken her haughtiness. But she has kept her strength and biting edge.  She is close with her sister Mimi, who is her only real friend and confidant.


Catharine was born the eldest child of an aristocratic French family and was the favorite of her mother Emmeline. She bullied her shyer sister Madeleine, who was often ignored. As a young woman, she was a great society beauty who made a splendid match with the handsome George Thomas. They had two daughters together.

Catharine disliked her brother in law James Beaumont, who was married to her disliked sister Madeleine. When it is revealed that James is still alive after it was previously believed that he had died in the war, she writes to James telling that Madeleine has taken up with another man. George gets involved in a financial scandal and she divorces him out of shame and gets remarried to the wealthy Bernard Mathieu.

Catharine and Madeleine eventually reconcile as Madeleine’s health deteriorates. After her death, Catharine feels guilt for all that she has done to Madeleine. She and Mimi arrange for their orphaned niece, Marianne, to be educated along with Catharines daughters Mathilde and Agnès.

Catharine’s relationship with her children strains as they grow up and become rebellious. She is fond of her niece Marianne but sees her as a reminder of her mother.




3)That's the way the river runs, so why get wet

3) the d'aubrey sisters

11) if he's got money, if he's nice, if his collar's as white as know

8) still the world prefers the lily bud to the prickle pear bloom

27) now you listen to me when I speak to you, now you listen to me when I speak to you

30) no matter what you say, children won't listen

38) everytime I look at you, I don't understand, how you let the things you did get so out of hand