James Beaumont/Charles Prideaux


Biographical Information

Also Known As: Jimmy, Jamie, James Charles, and Monsieur Prideaux

Born: November, 1888; New Orleans LA, US

Gender: Male

Occupation: factory worker, photographer, soldier, bootlegger, art dealer


First Appearance: Chateau Aubrey

Appearance and Personality:

James has fair hair and hazel eyes. He was a very cute little boy with blond curls and a freckled face. He grows into a handsome young man with an aristocratic bearing despite his humble upbringing. In middle age, he is still very handsome and is distinguished looking.  

James was a mischievous and curious child who longed to explore the world and gain exposure to new things and people. He was devoted to his foster brother Laurie Brady and his childish charm endeared him to those around him. As he grew up, he became fascinated by the upper classes and wanted to better himself. He became a dashing and charming though restless and irreverent young man. The mistakes he made in his youth make him sadder but wiser in middle age. The wisdom he gained makes him wish to help younger people such as Marianne and Augustin. He was very much in love with Madeleine and was a doting father to Marianne, and he was very hurt when he thought Madeleine betrayed him. Realizing his mistake, he wishes to help Marianne in any way he can.

Biographical Information

James was born in Louisiana to the fourteen year old Melanie Barrow who had had an affair with the seventeen year old Francis Beaumont, who would become Earl of St. Oswald. Baby Jimmy was taken from his mother and brought to New York City, where he was left at a foundling hospital. He was given to a woman named Louise Roy to nurse and was brought up along with Louise’s daughter Charlotte and stepson Laurie. Laurie became an older brother figure to him.

By the time he is ten. Jimmy is working in a factory but as he grows up, he longs for better things. He goes to England and works as a footman in great houses. At twenty-three, he is in France and meets twenty-one year old Madeleine d’Aubrey. They fall in love and get married and have a daughter named Marianne. James goes off and fights in World War One and gets captured by the Germans and is held prisoner. His wife and family think he is dead. After the war, he tries to get back in touch with his wife and daughter but sister in law Catharine tells him that Madeleine has taken up with another man.

James goes back to America and makes a fortune as a bootlegger but gets in trouble with the law and goes back to France under the name Charles Prideaux. He marries the much younger Adèle Martin and becomes a successful art dealer.




1) It's hard to stay starry eyed, when it's raining cats and gods outside

4) don't you know that we's a family

6) There is a lady all in white

1)how does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore

2) 1911...a winter's ball

6) If I loved you

8) all at once, everything looks different, now that I see you

10) yes you want here, look at her you know you do

12) I'll never be complete until I do

13) I do, I do, I do, I do

14) I wonder what he'll think of me

15) you have my eyes, you have your mother's name

2) beneath the shelter of the trees, only love can enter here

17) let's get down to busniess, to defeat the huns

19) a girl worth fighting for

20) if there's a reason I'm still alive when some many have died then I'm willing to wait for it

27) and are you beautiful and pale with yellow hair, like her

36) the big hand counts minutes, it's so tightly wound. It chases the small hand to make hours go round

38) everytime I look at you, I don't understand, how you let the things you did get so out of hand