Madeleine d’Aubrey Beaumont


Biographical Information

Also Known As: Marie Madeleine Elisabeth Anne d’Aubrey, Mado, Madame Beaumont

Born: September, 1890;Contaille-sur-Seine France

Died: November, 1926; Cannes France. Aged 36 years.

Gender: female

Occupation: socialite, farm worker, secretary


First Appearance: Chateau Aubrey

Appearance and Personality:

Madeleine is petite and blond and has a soft, round face. She is very insecure about her looks because she often considered less beautiful than her sisters. Madeleine has a very fresh and rosy complexion until she becomes consumptive. Her soft, feminine figure falls out of fashion as a slimmer, more boyish silhouette becomes the ideal in the 1920s. She tries to diet and develops an eating disorder.

Madeleine is shy and sensitive. She is very insecure and jealous as well and has a spiteful side which can get in the way of her usually sweet and kind personality. Her insecurity and vulnerability often makes her a target of her sister Catharine and the two often clash because they have opposing personalities. Madeleine is sometimes close with her sister Mimi but sometimes pushes her away because she is jealous of her. Her insecurity makes her selfless because she wants to feel needed and useful.  She fell in love with James Beaumont and saw him as a way of escaping her family but her dreams are dashed when he disappears and is presumed dead. After a period of mourning, she fights comfort in motherhood, her career as a secretary, and an active social life. She deeply loves her daughter Marianne and leaving her an orphan is her biggest regret when she dies.


the neglected middle child of the d’Aubrey family who was often dismissed as less attractive than her two sisters by the cruel Catharine and their indifferent parents.

At twenty-one, she meets and falls in love with James Beaumont. Her family does not approve of the match but eventually allows the couple to marry.

James and Madeleine have a daughter named Marianne at the beginning of The Great War and he goes off to war. He goes missing during the battle of the Verdun  and presumed dead.

After her husband’s disappearance, things strain between her and her family and she takes her daughter and they relocate to Cannes, where she finds work as a secretary.  There she finds out that she is dying from tuberculosis. Madeleine spends the last several years of her life happy and independent. When she dies at age thirty-six, she leaves care of her daughter to her sisters.




tied to a string like a precious pearl, it's a really tight leash for a very good girl

5) all your life you'll dream of this lovely night

2) and some just lie there crying for him to come and find them, but when he comes they don't know how to go

2) 1911...a winter's ball

3) the d'aubrey sisters

4) sloppy, underdressed, gulible, naive

5) teach me to be more adaptive

6) If I loved you

8) all at once, everything looks different, now that I see you

9) look at you, do you think that he's impressed

10) yes you want here, look at her you know you do

12) I'll never be complete until I do

13) I do, I do, I do, I do

14) I wonder what he'll think of me

15) you have my eyes, you have your mother's name

16) I'm so happy for you

2) beneath the shelter of the trees, only love can enter here

18) happy was the day she came