Marianne d’Aubrey


Biographical Information

Also Known As:  Rose Marianne Aurore Louise d’Aubrey Beaumont (full name), My Little Pearl, Princess, Cinderella, Cherie, Little Bird.

Born: October 22, 1914; Contaille-sur-Seine France

Gender: female

Occupation: waitress


First Appearance: Chateau Aubrey

Appearance and Personality:

Marianne is described as being small, and slight but sturdy, with a fresh, youthful face, small grey-hazel eyes, and a full coral mouth. She has long blond hair which she usually wears in updos but looks better with it down.

Marianne is not conventionally beautiful but is considered very pretty, especially when she smiles. Her father Charles describes her faces as “soft and youthful and her mouth was full and babyish but but her eyes looked tired and weary and there was something cynical in the curl of lips and the crease of her brows. She seemed both young and old for her age; both innocent and world-weary. Charles found her face hauntingly beautiful” (Retribution: Chapter 21) 

Marianne is a naive, somewhat sheltered young woman but is rather intelligent and insightful. She seems younger and more un worldly than she really is which causes people to underestimate her. She is very kind and moral and is seen as something of a goody goody. Her flaws include a fiery temper, which often goads her into humiliating emotional outbursts, and a tendency to be too trusting and gullible.  

Marianne is intelligent and insightful enough to see the flaws in society but tries to keep a cheerful and optimistic outlook.

Biographical Information

Marianne’s mother Madeleine came from the aristocratic french d’Aubrey family but her father James grew up penniless in New York City. Madeleine’s family did not approve of their marriage. James went off to fight in World War One when Marianne was a few months old and went missing during the battle of the Verdun and was presumed dead.

Marianne grew up in Rouen in Normandy but spent several years in Cannes, where her mother Madeleine died from tuberculosis. She was left in the custody of her aunts Catharine and Mimi and was sent to school at a convent with her cousin Mathilde and Agnes.

At eighteen, Marianne decided to leave the convent instead of becoming a nun as her aunts had planned. She joined her family in Paris but lives on her own and works as a waitress at a cafe.






1) c'est une histoire qui a pend lieu

2) beneath the shelter of the trees, only love can enter here

5) when destiny calls you, you have to be strong

7) a most peculiar mademoiselle

11) but like you said, we've met before

12) then I'm glad to be back in my own little corner, all alone in my own little chair

15) I haven't yet learned how to joke that way

17) I'm the belle of the ball in my own little corner

18) but all my days were twice as fair, if I could share my days with you

20) I thought we all were the children of god

21) I'm gonna hold you forever, the wind will never change on us

24) we find you perfectly innocent, which is the worst crime of all

26) If I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart

27) now you listen to me when I speak to you, now you listen to me when I speak to you

29) a daughter of a proud history

30) no matter what you say, children won't listen

32) hey little song bird, cat got your tongue. always a pity for one so pretty and young

34) and we can have forever, and we can love forever

35) lover tell me when we're wed, who's gonna make the wedding bed

37) there's no man who could love you like I do

39) anything suits you...