Mathilde Thomas Danton


Biographical Information

Also Known As: Madame Danton, Poupee, Dearest

Born: February, 1914; Contaille-sur-Seine

Gender: female

Occupation: socialite


First Appearance: Chateau Aubrey

Appearance and Personality:

Like her mother Catharine, she is tall, slender, and has dark hair, pale skin, and blue eyes and is considered a great, society beauty. But she is described as being more like a caricature of a beautiful girl with her heavy, sultry eyes and pouty lips.

Mathilde is a shallow and self involved young woman who lacks the self confidence and force of personality of her mother but compensates for it by being pushy and always trying to get attention. To make herself look better, she bullies others, such as her younger sister Agnès. She looks down on her cousin Marianne, who she sees as a goodie-goodie and later suspects her of trying to steal her husband Edmond.


The eldest daughter of Catharine and her first husband, George Thomas, Mathilde had a very privileged and spoiled upbringing.

As an adolescent in the 1920s, Mathilde was swept up in the hedonistic and nihilistic atmosphere of the interwar years and grew into a vicious and shallow young woman. She has a bad relationship with her mother Catharine, due to her reckless behavior, and she bullies her younger sister Agnès.

Mathilde falls in love with Edmond Danton and they are married. She appears not to notice her husband’s intentions towards her cousin Marianne but there is evidence that she is not as oblivious as she seems.





8) still the world prefers the lily bud to the prickle pear bloom

25) I wanna be like other girls