Mimi d’Aubrey


Biographical Information

Also Known As: Amalie d’Aubrey, Tante Mimi

Born: 1896; Contaille-sur-Seine France

Gender: female

Occupation: socialite


First Appearance: Chateau Aubrey

Appearance and Personality:

Mimi has pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes like her mother and older sister Catharine and is considered the most beautiful of the d’Aubrey sisters. She is an affectionate, kind, and gentle soul who always wished to make peace between her two sisters; she is very close to each of them. Mimi is very fond of her niece Marianne, and takes on the role of her mother figure after Madeleine’s death. She is also a confidant to Catharine and is the only person Catharine really trusts and can be frank and honest with.


Mimi was born the youngest child of Claude Victor, Chevalier d’Aubrey, and his wife Emmeline and was the favorite of her father. She was close to her sister Madeleine, though Madeleine often pushed her away, and was in awe of her older sister Catharine.

As a young girl, she was engaged to a young man named Henri Bellerose at the dawn of World War One. They were set to marry after the war but he died of the Spanish Flu and Mimi decides never to marry.

Mimi is caught in the middle when the relationship between Catharine and Madeleine falls apart. She is given care of Marianne after Madeleine dies and becomes a mother figure to her young niece.




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