Rachel Lesch is an second year English major at Salem State University, focusing in creative writing. She has a lifelong love of History and specializes in the genre of Historical Fiction. Along with literature and history, her interests include film, art, fashion, food, and travel and these interests make their way into her writing.

Rachel’s interest in history was kindled by her parents. Her mother is a former National Park Service ranger and she and Rachel’s father used to do Civil War reenactments when they were younger. This love of the past and her love of stories go hand in hand. Some of the  first books she was exposed to as a child were children’s books about history, specifically about the Civil War, Dad’s area of expertise, read to her by her father. These stories Dad read to her sparked a love of reading and made her drawn to stories about the past. Rachel’s career as a writer began with imagining and acting scenarios similar to those she read about or watched. Writing them down was the next logical step.

Currently she is working on two novels, Chateau Aubrey, a story which takes place  in France during the 1910s and 1920s, and Retribution, a romantic crime drama set in 1930s Paris.